Studio city driving school

While only approximately 3% of the population owns cars there is still a need for many thousands of the Ethiopian citizens to obtain a drivers license each year. The hazardous roads in the provincial areas make practicing safety procedures extremely important to the new or even seasoned drivers. The minimum age for driving is 16 so you those who wish to attend an studio city driving school will need to meet that age requirement. While common for youngsters in many countries to practice driving prior to getting any legal documents (often with their parents help) it is not condoned or legal to do so on public roads without having the proper permits to practice (if with a supervisor) or at all without a license on public highways.

The cost of a 6 hour driving school in studio city is approximately $125 which is much less than the fee paid in more economically developed countries, however as mentioned earlier only three percent of the population own a car with about 7% carrying drivers licenses. You will want to make sure that the driving school you choice are certified by the government of Ethiopia with the proper credentials to give lessons. This ensures the safer of the public highways as well as the students receiving lessons. For some years into the future this law is likely to remain in place to help keep the future machine operators and the general public safety concerns. Entering the 2000’s there were a lot more hardships so the issuance of new licenses were more limited but not that the economy is getting stronger more people than ever are attempting to take the drivers license example.

The license exam can be broken down into 2 parts:

  1. This stage is the written test that allows the license agency to evaluate if the prospective driver has a basic level of understanding of rules of the road. This can (although requirements change frequently so check updated official government documentation) be as simple as ensuring you use your blinkers and parallel park without causing an accident. The written test is something that can be studied prior to applying for a license in the trainees free time so this is normally the simple part of the exam.
  2. The second part requires the driver to be accompanied by an official government worker who will be inside the vehicle and ask that the driver perform simple and basic driving maneuvers. The reason for this is to ensure that the applicant does not put the general population in danger and assuming all goes well at the end of this process (usually 10 to 15 minutes) an approval for obtaining an official license will be issued. Keep in mind that the time to actually receive the photo id card can vary greatly but normally takes between 2 and 6 weeks and can either be mail by post or picked up at the drivers licensing office in person.